EMF Surveys

EMFs where do they come from?

All mains wiring and electrical devices produce power frequency EMFs, also known as ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) EMFs. Power Frequency EMFs are measured as two different components – the electric component and the magnetic component.

Electric: Normal house wiring produces electric fields, as do all electric appliances. Some appliances produce far higher fields than others due to their design. Power frequency electric fields are measured in Volts per metre (V/m) and should be below 20 V/m.

Magnetic: Normal house wiring also produces low (background) levels of magnetic fields, but some devices and faults can lead to much higher fields. Power frequency magnetic fields are measured in microtesla (µT), and should ideally be below about 0.10 µT.  Typical background levels are below 0.05 µT.

Radio Frequency: Radiofrequency (RF) fields, also known as microwave fields, are produced by a wide variety of wireless devices (such as mobile phones, WiFi, cordless phones, etc), as well as microwave ovens. Radio frequency fields are also measured in Volts per metre (V/m) and should be as low as possible, ideally below 0.05 V/m.

The Comprehensive Healthy Home Survey includes

Taking full measurements of Electromagnetic Fields within every room in your home, this will include Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields and Radio Frequency Fields.

Assessing the impact on your home of any power stations or masts in your local area.

Making recommendations on how you can reduce your exposure to EMF’s in your home.

Do you think you could be ElectroSensitive (ES)?

Its not always easy to know if you are and you may get some funny symptoms when you use your mobile phone like a burning feeling in your ear or tingling fingers when typing on your computer.  You might just think it might be your posture or you are just tired, or you have just been on your phone too much.  Well it might be the case, but it might be that you are starting to become electrosensitive, or you might already know you definitely are.  Now is a good time to have a survey to check out the levels that you are being bombarded with in your own home, whilst you are sitting relaxing and when you are asleep.   Unfortunately, ES is usually progressive and over time you may become sensitive to a wider range of frequencies and/or your reactions may become more severe.

There is a lot we can do to reduce our exposure and start to create a healthier home environment for you and your family.