Healthy Home Professional Diploma


Please note a pre-requisite for joining this course is successful completion of our one-day introduction course

The course comprises 4 distinct components, leading to a Professional Diploma:

Please see individual modules for full description, dates and details of venues.

Module 1: EMF (3 days)
If you want to live in or create a Healthy Home environment for someone else, then it’s important to know about electro-magnetic fields (EMF) and how they can impact our health.  The module will identify sources of EMFs and how  to measure their impact. It will then go on to give practical advice on how to minimise the impact of EMFs .
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Module 2: Geopathic Stress (3 days)
To be happy and healthy, our home needs to be free of harmful earth energies (Geopathic Stress), and we will teach you how to detect and treat them successfully, using various techniques.   As a trained practitioner, you will be able to make a vast difference to the lives of many people and greatly improve their well-being by providing this rewarding and beneficial service.
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Module 3: Space Clearing (3 days)
The energy in a space is made up from a number of things including past events and our own individual energies.  Just as it is possible to cleanse the space around us, it is also possible to remove stagnant or unwanted energies and imbue our environment with the kind of energy we wish to surround us in our home. This is our intention and it plays a major part in Space Clearing.
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Module 4: Practical Consultation Skills (2 days) **
Having acquired the core knowledge of the first three modules there is still the need to learn how to apply this when carrying out a consultation. This module will cover all aspects of the consultation from the equipment needed, to communication techniques and approaches necessary when visiting different clients.
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You will also be required to do some coursework for each module during the course and 1 final case study after completing all 4 modules

** NB A pre-requisite for joining Module 4 – Practical Consultation Skills – is successful completion of all other modules.
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