Yoga-based Stretch and Relax

Breath, Stretch and Relax. This is your body, your mind, your soul and your space to experience the unity of your whole being. It is a place where you feel at one with your self and thus can move on to being at one with others. A way of living in the World with a sense of peace and finding a sense of purpose. A way of taking a moment, taking a breath and connecting with your-self. It is a way of being away and yet being connected.

Olga practiced Yoga in Birmingham taught by Swami Prakash from the Bihar Yoga School in India for many years, and then continued with various other teachers from other schools of Yoga in the South West and on retreats, including the Bali Spirit Festival in 2014.

Although not a qualified teacher Olga is a knowledgeable and intuitive facilitator of group yoga stretch and meditation, and will lead 2 sessions during the course of the weekend tailored to the needs of the group. The sessions focus on becoming in tune with the body, the mind and the soul. There will be relaxation and a physical practice followed by a guided meditation, which Olga undertakes intuitively from the energy of the group. Everyone will practise to their own level of ability and participate in only the parts they feel are appropriate or comfortable for them.