Space Clearing

Unseen energy.
The world is composed of energy vibrating at different speeds. This includes not only the physical world, but also thoughts, emotions and ideas. Physical objects vibrate at a rate that our bodies are designed to perceive naturally. Thoughts, emotions and ideas are also energy, but vibrating at a different frequency, which we don’t perceive so easily.

Our personal energy.
Our home is a reflection of ourselves, our taste and our style but also of our personal energy, traces of which we leave around us all the time.
Most of us have felt attracted to certain homes and repelled by others without any logical explanation. We have all experienced the discomfort felt at arriving at some friends’ house after they had just had an argument: you could have “cut the atmosphere with a knife”!
The air around us is saturated with our moods, our emotions and our experiences, and our home, like a large sponge absorbs and retains this energy.

We are affected by other people’s energy too.
Of course, other people’s energy also remains, and you may be living in a space filled with remnants of its previous incarnations. These remnants could be an accumulation of other people’s emotions and imprints of events from the past – sometimes going back hundreds of years in very old buildings – which are impacting your life now. A similar fate can befall successive occupants of the same space until the residue is cleared.
These atmospheres don’t just vanish – like cigarette smoke they cling to the paint work and furniture and even seep into the walls.

Healthy energy is moving energy.
Like a room that has remained closed for too long, our energetic environment needs a breath of fresh air to get rid of the stagnant atmosphere which weighs us down and prevents the free flow of healthy energy.
From ancient times Space Clearing has been a part of rituals practised in many cultures, not only in temples but also in homes to cleanse and purify residual energy.

Transforming our space.
Just as it is possible to cleanse the space around us, it is also possible to imbue our environment with the kind of energy we wish to surround us in our home. This is our intention and it plays a major part in Space Clearing.
A Space Clearing ritual designed to suit our clients’ aspirations, their personal energy and ideas will ‘program’ the space and create the atmosphere that will support the life that they want to lead.

Moving-in and house blessing
In a new home, to ensure a fresh start, clearing the space in which we live is important, as well as acknowledging the essential quality and concept of ‘home’ and what it means to each of us. A house blessing ceremony – an ancient tradition – is therefore a joyful and profound way of celebrating our relationship with our home, as well as affirming or re-affirming our intentions, dreams and hopes for the new house .