What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the practice of analysing and influencing the interaction between people, buildings and in order to enhance the quality of life.  Originating in Ancient China, its basis is Chi which is vital energy present in everything“ (Definition by the Feng Shui Society).

Feng Shui is neither a religion, a philosophy or a belief system: It is a practice.  We know that our environment has a great impact on the way we feel.  Feng Shui shows us how to arrange our surroundings to allow us to live in harmony with the energy around us, whether it is at home or at work.  Who wants to swim against the current when they can swim with it?

Without being aware of it, we often create surroundings that work against our best interests.  The location of our home or work premises, the way we design our living and working environment, as well as outside factors around the  home can also affect us greatly.

If it seems that things always go wrong, you find that you are unlucky in love, or with money, or with your career, Feng Shui can improve your life.  If you feel that you have no energy or enthusiasm, or that motivation is lacking, or your health is poor, then Feng Shui can help.




There are many different approaches to Feng Shui and these are reflected in the wide number of books and magazine articles available today  in the West.

Although they offer a good introduction to some aspects of Feng Shui, their content may appear conflicting, as they represent different strands of the same tradition.

Because Feng Shui’ s main concern is harmony and well being, it is very relevant to our hectic modern world of high-rise office blocks and artificial environments.