Healthy Home Consultation

The fast-moving, challenging and polluted world in which we live today provides unprecedented levels of stress affecting our health and overall well-being, and we expect our home to provide us with the perfect haven of peace where we can recuperate, relax, find peace and enjoyment.

We offer a range of services aimed at ensuring that your home offers you that supporting environment.

  • Do you often find it difficult to sleep, or feel tired for no apparent reason?
  • Did you know that Electro-Magnetic Fields emitted from everyday electrical appliances may have harmful effects on your health? Would you like to find out how to avoid or minimize these?
  • Did you know that the land on which your house is built might affect your health and well-being?
  • Do you find it difficult to turn your new house into a ‘home’? Do you ever wonder if previous occupants or events affect the house you are living in today?
  • Do you experience blockages in your achievements and enjoyment of life?

Simple measures can help making YOUR home a happy and healthy place, clear out the past and plan for a brighter, more successful future.
For many of our clients, balancing their environment to support rather than obstruct them has resulted in life transforming changes.


We offer a very comprehensive consultation, with the following structure:

  • Discussion with you about your aims and aspirations, and any problems that need to be addressed.
  • Testing for electro-magnetic pollution,  using professional meters.
  • Detection and treatment of energy imbalances and other problems that may be affecting your health and other areas of your life. The energy imbalances are called Geopathic stress (GS)  and we are experienced in specialist techniques to harmonise GS, thus alleviating its negative effects.
  • Space clearing (ritual cleansing of the energy in the home).


In addition, we also offer a traditional Feng Shui audit.

The consultation covers many disciplines and, in relation to your current needs, priorities and objectives, considers the effects of the following:

  • Bagua placement on the house plan to determine which areas of your home relate to which areas of your life
  • Positioning of key items such as beds, desks and other fixtures and fittings for maximum benefit
  • The surrounding landscape – its effects and remedial solutions
  • The flow of energy through the home
  • Symbolic Imagery in the home including artwork and ornaments,
  • Colouring, décor and lighting
  • Astrological influences – timing of key events and the current phase of your astro-cycle
  • Ming Kua analysis (considering best directions for working and sleeping)

The observations, analysis and recommendations for improvement are fed back to you verbally at the end of the consultation backed up by bullet-point report notes.

The recommendations are almost never structural and are usually simple and inexpensive.