Healthy Home Information Sheet

Healthy Home or Hazardous??

Do you???

  • Do you sometimes feel that your home does not support your aspirations?
  • Do you often find it difficult to sleep, or feel tired for no apparent reason?
  • Did you know that Electromagnetic Fields emitted from everyday electrical appliances may have harmful effects on your health? Would you like to learn how to avoid or minimize these?
  • Did you know that the land on which your house is built might affect your health and well-being?
  • Do you find it difficult to turn your new house into a ‘home’? Do you ever wonder if previous occupants or events affect the house you are living in today?
  • Do you experience blockages in your achievements and enjoyment of life?

The fast-moving, challenging and polluted world in which we live today provides unprecedented levels of stress affecting our health and overall well-being, and we expect our home to provide us with the perfect haven of peace where we can recuperate, relax, find peace and enjoyment   But not everyone feels at home in their home and here are some of the possible reasons why!

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s)

The increase in these invisible hazards over the last 60 years has been massive and the speed of our evolution has been challenged to cope with it. With mobile phone masts, mobile phones, cordless phones, WiFi, digital alarm clocks, baby monitors, computers, play stations, smart meters and so on, our bodies are totally immersed in a radioactive soup.

Studies show that long term exposure to EMF’s compromises our immune system by interfering with intercellular communication. EMF’s also affect the body’s ability to produce the essential enzymes and hormones needed to prevent serious illness. There are a growing number of people who are becoming electro sensitive, which is seriously impacting on their quality of life.

Children are at a higher risk because they absorb more EMF radiation than adults. This is because their bodies have a higher water content, which makes them more conductive to the radiation. They are also more vulnerable because their skulls are thinner, their brains are still growing, their immune systems are still developing, and their cells are still rapidly dividing.

There are some ways of reducing the impact of EMF’s certainly in our homes and it is imperative to do so in a world that will continue to develop more and more of these pollutants.  Here are some simple solutions:-

  • Try to sit as far away from large electrical items as possible.
  • Use your laptop computer on a desk or table instead of sitting with it on your lap.
  • Use your mobile as little as possible and only put it to your head once the call has connected.
  • Replace your DECT phone with an old-fashioned curly cable one – you may not be able to walk around while you talk but neither are you putting a mini mobile phone mast in your living room or to your ear.  If you must keep the DECT phone try to put the base unit as far away as possible in a room that is not used much, or purchase one that has an eco setting which means the radiation can be restricted just to when its in use.
  • Switch off as many appliances at night as you can rather than leaving them on stand-by.
  • Remove any unnecessary electrical items from your bedroom (and your children’s rooms). Table lamps and electrical alarm clocks should be placed at least arms’ length away from the edge of your pillow – remember distance is your ally in reducing the effects of the EMFs.
  • If you need to use a baby alarm try to get hold of an analogue model ( which does not emit radioactive frequencies) rather than a digital one.
  • Don’t have extension leads running under your bed.
  • Do you need that electric blanket? Do you really want to sleep on top of all those EMFs immediately below your body? If you do use one, switch it on some time before bedtime, and unplug it as you get into bed.
  • Metal sprung mattresses are a conductor for EMF’s, so think about replacing.
  • Replace Wi-Fi with the installation of a DLAN system which carries the WiFi through your electrical cabling rather than emitting through your home.
  • Consider whether you really do need a microwave oven. Not only do they emit high levels of radiation when in use but they change the consistency of food so that it no longer resembles its original nutritional form.
  • Induction hobs send out extremely high levels of pulsing magnetic fields, stand in front of the hob as little as possible when it is on.

It is advisable to have a survey of your home carried out with small meters that can measure the levels you are being exposed to. Better still, you could learn how to take readings yourself and learn about some more in-depth solutions.

Geopathic Stress


Knowledge of mysterious underground energies has always been present in ancient cultures.


Closer to our time, and after research started in the 1920’s by German scientists Winzer and Melzer, the NASA Bureau of Standards discovered in 1962 that the earth had an electromagnetic frequency of 7.83 Hertz.  When the first space missions were launched, scientists discovered that the astronauts became unwell when they left the influence of the earth’s natural energy field.


The earth’s energy field, partly geomagnetic in composition, radiates in a system of grid lines relating to the magnetic north and south poles. When in balance the energy is necessary for optimal health. During several million years, human beings have become attuned to the earth’s natural frequency, and the body, especially the immune system, reacts negatively when this frequency is altered.


The earth’s electromagnetic field is sometimes distorted, which causes the level of radiation to rise, and these lines of increased energy are called Geopathic Stress (GS), a real pathology of the earth.  They can be compared to the meridians which traverse our body: they are some of the earth‘s meridians which have become stagnant or polluted, carrying a flow of negative energy.


Quite often the cause of the disturbances can be found in natural geological particularities such as underground streams, mineral deposits, radon gas etc. or it can be man-made: underground galleries, mining, railways, motorways, tunnels, heavy industry, power stations and building work.


There is also a well-known link between Geopathic Stress lines and traumas which affect the earth’s subtle energetic body, such as ancient battle grounds, or historical sites of executions and torture, for example. These sites can also hold harmful energy.


Repeated exposure to Geopathic Stress, (for example if your bed or chair is placed over such a line) can affect your health and well-being.  Much research has been carried out in Germany and Austria and scientists are convinced that GS has a direct influence on serious illnesses.


Current research suggests that GS might not cause illnesses directly, rather that its presence weakens the body’s natural defences.  Geopathic Stress can contribute to minor ailments such as colds and ‘flu or inexplicable tiredness and lethargy, but also to much more serious illnesses: depression, MS, ME, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s disease, and cancer, to name but a few.


It is possible to buy special devices that are said to protect from Geopathic Stress, however there is debate about whether they work, but the best way is to learn to detect  and then treat these lines of harmful energy.  Earth energies are best found by the ancient skill of dowsing and almost anyone can learn to dowse, even those who may be sceptical can often find they are brilliant at it.


Space Clearing


The world is composed of energy vibrating at different speeds. This includes not only the physical world, but also thoughts, emotions and ideas. Physical objects vibrate at a rate that our bodies are designed to perceive naturally. Thoughts, emotions and ideas are also energy, but vibrating at a different frequency, which we don’t perceive so easily.


Our home is a reflection of ourselves, our taste and our style but also of our personal energy, traces of which we leave around us all the time. Most of us have felt attracted to certain homes and repelled by others without any logical explanation.  We can all sense when something unpleasant has happened in a home, but often have no terms of reference to be able to put it into words.


The air around us is saturated with our moods, our emotions and our experiences, and our home, like a large sponge absorbs and retains this energy.   Of course, other people’s energy also remains, and you may be living in a space filled with remnants of its previous incarnations. These remnants could be an accumulation of other people’s emotions and imprints of events from the past – sometimes going back hundreds of years in very old buildings  and they could be impacting on your life now.  A similar fate can befall successive occupants of the same space until the residue is cleared.  These atmospheres don’t just vanish – like cigarette smoke they cling to the paint work and furniture and even seep into the walls.


Like a room that has remained closed for too long, our energetic environment needs a breath of fresh air to get rid of the stagnant atmosphere which weighs us down and prevents the free flow of healthy energy.   From ancient times Space Clearing has been a part of rituals practised in many cultures, not only in temples but also in homes to cleanse and purify residual energy.


Just as it is possible to cleanse the space around us, it is also possible to imbue our environment with the kind of energy we wish to surround us in our home. This is our intention and it plays a major part in Space Clearing.


A Space Clearing ritual will ‘program’ the space and create the atmosphere that will support the life that you want to lead.   You can learn this beautiful ritual and apply it to your own home or work place or that of others and start to feel the difference in your life.


YinLiving is a recently formed company delivering a collection of courses about creating a Healthy Home by learning how to detect these invisible energies and do something about them for yourself, your family and your friends.