Practitioner Training Course Programme

Module 1: June 20th and 21st
Recap on Foundation Course.

History and evolution of Feng Shui
Fundamental principles of Feng Shui, including: Taoism, He Tu and Luo Shu, yin & yang, the Eight Trigrams, Early and Late Heaven sequences.
Assessing yin / yang balance (people and environment).
Chi, Sheng Chi & Sha Chi

Three main types of ‘chi’ that Feng Shui consultants work with (Earth’s Chi, Heaven’s Chi, Human’s Chi),

The Five Elements and the Five Elements Transformations

The Bagua

Distance learning
  1. Presentations and class test
  2. Taoism, Trigrams and I Ching
  3. Cures and enhancements. How to introduce the five elements and their transformations into an environment.
  4. Life areas. Life Evaluation exercise
2 days Attendance
Module 2: July 24th and 25th
  1. The 3 Door Gate Bagua.
  2. Indentations and Extensions. Difficult shapes.
  3. Symbolism
1 day Attendance + distance learning
Electro Magnetic Fields. What it is and what the dangers are.
How to protect oneself, how to explain the subject to a client.
1 day Attendance + distance learning


Module 3: September 25th,26th and 27th
  1. Class test: 3DG, Symbolism, EMF
  2. Form Feng Shui
  3. The Compass method and Bagua/ Compass FS
    Compass directions, Ming Gua, 24 Mountains
3 days attendance
Module 4: October 24th and 25th
Intuition (theory) Distance learning
Geopathic Stress/ Advanced Geopathic Stress. Practical session
2 days attendance
Module 5: dates TBA
FS for small businesses
Consultation skills
2 days attendance
Module 6: dates TBA
9 Star Ki Astrology
Relationships and compatibility
2 days attendance
Module 7: dates TBA
Space clearing. Practical sessions. Observed consultation. Feedback. 2 ½ days attendance
Module 8: dates TBA
2 practical consultations at clients’ homes. Feedback. 2 ½ days attendance
Please note that in addition to the above, coursework will be set for each module, either as an extension to class sessions, or as a preparation for the next module. Precise assignments will be given for each module in due course.

As the course progresses we will ask you to carry out ‘mini’ consultations (or part of consultations) for family or friends, so you can put into practice what you have learnt so far, and pinpoint possible problems or issues you would like to discuss.
After all the modules and coursework have been completed you will be asked to take tests. You will be able to do this at home under test conditions.
Practical sessions at clients’ homes (Modules 6 and 7): after initial guidance, you will be expected to take an active part in the consultations. This will form part of the final assessment .
Finally after the all the modules, coursework and tests are completed you will have the opportunity to carry out your own full consultation at a time that suits you within 6 months of completing the course. This will  need to be written up and handed in to us for checking.
Once that we  are satisfied that you can apply your skills effectively and present your advice professionally you will receive our Practitioner Certificate.