Geopathic Stress Module – 3 days


What is Geopathic Stress?

In a nutshell this is when there are distortions in the earth’s electromagnetic field induced by natural phenomena such as underground streams etc or man-made eg mines, tunnels etc. This module investigates the causes and impact of geopathic stress and how to alleviate the impact it has on on people. More information on Geopathic Stress…

Your Energy System, Intuition and Dowsing.

This is a vitally important part of our training programme where you will learn about the human energy system, and its intimate connection between these vital aspects of your constitution and your ‘sixth sense’, an extremely useful tool when assessing the interaction you have with the environment.  You will discover simple techniques for grounding, balancing and protecting your energy system.  This should ensure that your energy remains strong and healthy, enabling you to practise competently and safely. You will learn simple and effective techniques to develop and utilise your intuition on a day-to-day basis as well as in your consultancy. This will be an experiential day with plenty of opportunity to practise your newly acquired skills.


Geopathic Stress (GS):

To be happy and healthy, our home needs to be free of harmful earth energies, and we will teach you how to treat them successfully, using various techniques.  Geopathic Stress (harmful earth energies) affecting our homes is often the cause of considerable problems. As a trained practitioner, you will be able to make a vast difference to the lives of many people and greatly improve their well-being by providing this rewarding and beneficial service.


Advanced Geopathic Stress & Earth Healing:

You will build on the foundations established on the previous day by gaining more practical experience of harmonising Geopathic Stress and increasing the efficiency of the treatment with other techniques. Some GS lines cannot be easily cleared if there is no garden available, for example in some terraced houses or flats. You will learn other essential methods to deal with these common situations in order to harmonise the harmful earth radiation.

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