Space Clearing Module – 3 days

space_clear_2A competent Healthy Home Consultant must understand the concept of predecessor energy and the influence that this may have on our lives. The energy in a space is partly made up from past events, holding a wealth of information for the trained consultant. A worthwhile aim in Healthy Home practice can be to recover and continually improve our intuition and awareness so that we are truly sensitive to the environment.
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Space Clearing is therefore a profound and highly effective technique for clearing out unhelpful memories and regrets, emotional blockages and even karma!  Clear out the past and plan for a brighter future. Come on in, the past is cleared!


During the course you will discover (amongst others):

  • The place of our own spirituality and raised consciousness in Space Clearing
  • The importance of preparation
  • Rituals and altars
  • When to Space Clear
  • Help and protection.  Unwanted entities and energies
  • The ritual: the four steps
  • Practical use of ‘tools’ : a guided student practical on clearing space and creating your own tools
  • The professional’s approach to the consultation process from start to finish
  • Special cases (leaving a home, new homes, house blessing ceremony etc…)
  • Remote Space clearing
  • Fire ceremony
  • Candle spells

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